The Stoners Paradise or Paradise Smokers are what they name Kasol. For individuals that come here, Kasol is a peaceful stay. The city does not have monuments or other landmarks, yet the natural beauty the heart longs for abounds. To travel here, you have to walk. Kasol is also known by its numerous Israeli inhabitants as the Himachal Pradesh tiny Israel. In Hebrew are signposts for several cafes and eateries. You get the nourishment for which you are dying. You have choices from the cuisines of Israel, Italy, India. Before you try famous meals and desserts, you should not leave the spot. The famed rice beer can also be tried. So today, I’ll list the 7 best spots in Kasol for you.


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Manikaran is a sacred place in Himachal Pradesh Parvati valley on the banks of the Parvati River. Located 34km from the nearest airport of Bhuntar, this is 4km from the village of Kasol, commonly known as Mini Israel. For both Hindus and Sikhs, Manikaran is a holy center. In mythical stories, Parvati once launched his ears in the spring of Manikaran in order to raise hot water from the location, as Lord Shiva’s wife said. Sikhs, however, believe that Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the third Udasi, and his followers came to this site around 1574.

One of his students became hungry after a while. So they went to get food, but there was no fire to cook. The only problem. Then in Manikaran Guru Nanak removed the stele and from the Earth’s surface sprang a spring of hot water. So, Manikaran is one of the best spots in Kasol if you plan a trip to Kasol. You can stay here and enjoy food for free in Gurudwara.


Malana best spots in Kasol
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Located in the neighboring Parvati Valley, Malan is a beautiful and serene community. In the lap of the Himalayas, this community has for a long time been concealed with its countless stories and secrets. Malana is a village near Kasol and everybody knows why it’s so famous. It’s the M cream or the Malana cream, certainly. From Kasol or Jari you can rent a taxi to Malana. But I’ll advise you to walk to the place because the hike will provide a fantastic view over the snow-capped mountains as well as over the river Parvati. It is particularly popular with the cultivation of the famous Malana cream. It is one of the best spots in Kasol.


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It is a village at the further end of the valley and is the last bus stop. It sits at an altitude of around 7874ft. The distance from Kasol is about 20 kilometers and is one of the best spots in Kasol. You have to travel to Varshaini where you can either walk to tosh or get a cab, or you may go to Kasol first to book a taxi from Kasol to Tosh. Tosh is a lovely spot on the top of a hill with breathtaking scenery.

Hippies are flooding the place. You will certainly make the stunning panorama from up there a beat in your heart. So if you are looking for a trip around Kasol then, in addition to Malana and Chalal, Tosh can be a terrific choice.

Chalal Village

Chalal Village

It is a little town in the vicinity of Kasol. It’s an easy hike and in 30 minutes you can comfortably walk there. The psychedelic gatherings have a wonderful location inside the wood. During the music festival, parties are organized by top renowned DJs. Chalal is also one of the most famous destinations for its hash. Chalal is perfect for relaxation and has some wonderful cafes with excellent meals. Rave Party is one of Kasol’s greatest stuff.

These gatherings offer unrestricted entertainment, music, boots, and chilling. These gatherings have recently been engulfed in controversy because of the number of drunk cases and drug consumption. But they are still the greatest if you plan to visit Kasol around April and May because there are as many parties as possible in that period. Therefore, I’d say Chalal is one of Kasol’s must-visit areas.


A temple of architecture with a Shiva linga, Bijli Mahadev. This lovely temple is 14 kilometers from Kullu town and 64 kilometers from Kasol. First, you can reach Kullu and then take a bus from the Bijli Mahadev bus terminal that climbs up towards the surrounding village of Chansari. If not, a private cab from Kasol can be booked. The stairs must be climbed from ‘Chansari,’ about 3 miles uphill. From this summit, one may enjoy a panorama of Parvati and the Kullu Valley. There are no higher peaks when you turn around to impede your view in the immediate vicinity.

Dechen- choekhor- Monastery

Dechen-Shoekhor Monastery in Sarabia Village, tehsil Bhuntar, Kullu district, is a lovely Tibetan monastery. The monastery is 4 kilometers from hunter and 37 kilometers from Kasol. You might find similarities in all Tibetan monasteries, yet every monastery has its unique story to tell. In addition to India, tourists from abroad travel to this beautiful yet serene place and view the sumptuous and distinctive architecture of this monastery. So you may surely stop at Dechen Choekhor monastery when you want to visit Kasol because that is on the way to Kasol.


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At around 2960 m above sea level, Kheerganga is located. 12km hike towards Kheerganga falls within the easy difficulty category, half of which are regular stroll to Rudranaag and half of which are gentle, pine-tressed climbs, open soon to the Kheerganga meadows. It has decreased the attraction that Kheerganga has had. There are several factors that make this place rush and bustle tourist attraction, and two Bollywood movies – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara that turned everyone in India into a trekker.

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