Lachung is 120 Km from Gangtok and stands at an elevation of 8,610 feet above sea level. Tourists come to town to see sights in North Sikkim such as Katao Valley, Zero Point, and Yumthang Valley.

How to Reach Lachung

There are two different routes to reach Lachung. One route goes to Gangtok which is preferable for Maximum Traveller. Another route goes to Singtham bikes mainly follow this route for saving time. Both ways jointed Near Samdong. From Gangtok 4-5 hours time required to reach Lachung. To travel in Lachung permit is mandatory so Gangtok way is the best way for Lachung. One day you can stay in Gangtok and make the permit after that you can travel for Lachung.

Best Places to Visit in Lachung

Yumthang Valley Hill Station

Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley, also known as the Sikkim Valley of Flowers. It is a nature sanctuary in North Sikkim, India. Each step you take on the lovely and flower-strewn grassy plains will offer you a different sensation and has the potential to keep you in a state of calm and tranquillity for a long time. It contains a river, hot springs, yaks, and grazing pasture on sloping meadows surrounded by Himalayan mountains. It is 150 Km from the state capital Gangtok, Situated at an elevation of 11,693 feet above mean sea level. This valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lachung, and it would be a sin to miss out on its hidden beauty.
Lachung Monastery

Lachung Monastery

One of the city's most popular sites is the Lachung Monastery, which is historically and religiously significant. Despite the influx of thousands of tourists, this spectacular monastery is famous for being a calm haven. While on vacation in Lachung, you must visit the monastery, which is one of the most essential places to visit.