Summer is best time to visit Sikkim. If all you want to do is curl up in a warm place. View the nearby mountains, lakes, and monasteries from the hills. Sikkim is a small, quiet, self-contained state with breathtaking natural beauty. It requires no introduction as a well-known top-notch tourist destination with a lot of punch. Buddhist monasteries, lakes, waterfalls, and sporting opportunities abound. Even something as odd as a tourist attraction like a haunted house. Summer, from April-May to June, or even winter, from September to December, are the best times to visit Sikkim.

April to June
For trekkers, the summer is the best time to visit. The weather is pleasant, and the scenery is breathtaking, with all the flowers blooming and greenery all around.

Popular Tourist Season in Sikkim

Best Time to Visit Sikkim

Mid-September to Mid-December
The weather is ideal, and you will undoubtedly enjoy all of the tourist attractions.

Mid-December to February
Mountains are blanketed in snow; if you enjoy snowfall, you must visit Sikkim at this time of year.

July to mid-September
Because Sikkim is prone to landslides, it is less touristy, as most people avoid visiting during the monsoon season. Due to the fact that it is the off season, you will receive substantial discounts.

Seasonal Weather in Sikkim


In Sikkim, spring has arrived in full bloom. The weather is pleasant, though a little chilly. The weather is ideal for sightseeing. If you visit during this time, you should attend the flower festival, which is said to be Asia’s largest.  Spring is Best Time to Visit Sikkim.


Sikkim’s summers are significantly cooler than those of the rest of India. It’s not even hot, and it’s not at all uncomfortable. However, there is a persistent moisture problem in the air and environment. It is causing a humid climate that is prone to sudden rain showers, but the Sun is still visible in the sky.


Sikkim’s monsoons aren’t particularly popular with tourists. It’s borderline dangerous at times, because it makes Sikkim vulnerable to landslides, which is a major environmental risk. Furthermore, it is only now that the tropical het properly kicks in, which, when combined with the remaining moisture, results in high humidity and oppressive heat.


There is a brief autumn season sandwiched between the monsoons and the winters. Sikkim is full of vibrant beauty and pleasant weather during this season, making it a popular tourist destination. Autumn also a Best Time to Visit Sikkim.


Sikkim’s winters are just like any other. Snowfall is unavoidable, so you can imagine how cold it gets. However, there is a drawback: the winter weather makes landslides more common. Tourists are becoming increasingly unsafe as the winter progresses. In addition, the humidity in the air gives the impression that the room is damp.

How to Reach Sikkim

The famous Bagdogra airport serves as a gateway to Sikkim. After that you can take a taxi to reach Sikkim. You can reach Sikkim by train via the New Jalpaiguri (NJP) station. NJP is well connected in turn to other famous locations like Darjeeling. By road, you can drive yourself effortlessly to Sikkim from neighboring location Siliguri.

What to Do and See in Sikkim

Gangtok is the most well-known location in Sikkim. It is a tourist destination. Gangtok has breathtaking mountain views and lakes, as well as adventure sport opportunities and a wax museum. There are also Buddhist monasteries and a ropeway here.

Ravangla is another of Sikkim’s most well-developed and comprehensive tourist destinations. It is is very popular for honeymooners. Mountains, monasteries, and rejuvenating hot springs is Ravangla’s attraction.

Another tourist destination is Lachung. Monasteries and natural beauty abound, with a wide range of waterfalls and lakes to admire. It’s also a popular spot for honeymooners.

Sikkim is currently one of the most interesting places to visit. If you’re looking for a relaxing mountain getaway, look no further than smatterings of Buddhist religious history, water charms in the form of lakes and waterfalls, thrill in the form of a haunted house, and a ropeway right through the heart of the mountains. Sikkim, indeed, has a lot to offer, and boy, does it deliver. Consult this weather guide and plan ahead to find the perfect vacation here based on the season. Vacationing in style!