Terracotta Wonderland Bishnupur Tour Package

Bishnupur is a very famous tourist destination for its cultural value and handicraft. The Thetourplans Bishnupur tour package is value for money with full of fun. Weekend Holiday lovers are most welcome. Now this pandemic time Bisnupur is a safe place now. Contact today and book your Bisnunupr weekend holiday.

Bishnupur Tour Package Itinerary

Once arrive at Bishnupur Railway station, our agent will pick up and check in to the hotel at Bisnupur. After refreshment, we will start to explore Bishnupur. We will visit Radhamadhab Temple, Kalachand Temple, Radhagovinda Temple, and Nandalal Temple. Also visit Rash Mancha, Jogesh Chandra Pura Kirti Bhawan Museum, and Jor Bangla Temple. Overnight at Bishnupur.

After breakfast, we will visit Lalbandh, Joypur Forest, and Bonolata. After exploring the spots we will back to the hotel. After Lunch, we will check out the hotel and Drop at Bishnupur Railway Station and end our Bishnupur Tour Package.

A small History about Bishnupur Tourist Spot

weekend trip from kolkata bishnupur

Bishnupur’s history dates back to 694 Anno Domini. King Raghunath established the Malla dynasty. But, it was much later in 994 A.D. that the place was named Bishnupur. The name is derived from the name of the Hindu God ‘Vishnu’. The majority of the people belong to the ‘Vaishnava’ sect. King Raghunath Singh Dev II, who ruled from 1626 AD, was the most powerful king in the dynasty. At that time, the administration of Bengal was in the hands of Shahjahan’s son Shah Suja. He developed a close friendship with the king. The period followed of peace when art and music had reached their zeniths.

Jorebangla temple

The walls of Jorebangla Temple have extensive relief work on terracotta panels. It is delightful documentation of Bengal’s 17th-century society. The city’s most well-known tourist attractions, with thousands of visitors each year.


The earliest terracotta structure is here. During festivals, it was used as an exhibition space. On your Bishnupur package tour, don’t miss this stunning temple!

Mrinmoyee temple

Bishnupur’s oldest temple is Mrinmoyee Temple. It is across the road from Jora Bangla. One of the prominent temples in this sleepy town. If you want to relax and enjoy some architectural brilliance, this attraction a must.

Shyam Rai

This magnificent temple demonstrates architectural brilliance. The Shyam Rai Temple has five Orissa-style. Krishna’s life and the Ram-Ravana battle are depicted in concentric circles. Make a plan to visit here on our Bishnupur package tour.

Bishnupur Museum

A must-visit attraction on your Bishnupur weekend tour. The Jogesh Chandra Pura Kirti Bhavan Museum. Manuscripts, metal jewelry, terracotta art, Baluchari saris showcased at the Bishnupur Museum.

Apart from these temples, Bishnupur has some very attractive. That offers good sightseeing too. The Lalbandh, Krishnabandh, and Pokabandh built by the Malla kings around the 17th and 18th centuries. These built is to supply water to the villagers. Protect the town from enemies’ attacks by draining out the water towards them. A weekend Bishnupur tour package is perfect for exploring Bishnupur.

The best way to get from Kolkata to Bishnupur is train. Which takes 3h 9m time and costs ₹140 – ₹160.
Howrah – Chakradharpur Express Special Departs @ 00:05
Rupasi Bangla SF Special Departs @ 06:25
Howrah – Purulia SF Special Departs @ 16:50

Alternatively, Bus service is also available from the Esplanade bus stand. Which costs ₹550 – ₹700 and takes 4h 1m time.

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Tour Price & Duration

₹ 1,700 / Head

Duration: 1 Night 2 Days

₹ 1,700 / Head

Duration: 1 Night 2 Days

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