Sikkim Tour Package From Kolkata


Book our customized Sikkim tour package from Kolkata for your family and friends. Our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata is budget-friendly and safe.

In this tour package, we will include Travel Card for North Sikkim and Changu Lake sightseeing. Our food quality and accommodation are very fair. If you are looking for a superb trip, then our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata is the best choice for you. Contact us today and book our Sikkim holiday package.

Sikkim Travel Package From Kolkata Itinerary

At the beginning of our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata.

We take you from New Jalpaiguri station to Gangtok. We will check-in at the hotel when we arrive in Gangtok the capital city. We will have lunch and rest.

In the evening we will walk around MG Marg and the surroundings. At the end of the day after dinner, we will spend the whole night in the hotel.

We will get up in the morning, have breakfast and go out to Changu Lake. Our journey to Changu Lake will start from Bajra stand so we will take a taxi from the hotel to Bajra stand. After reaching the Bajra stand, we will get in the car of Changu Lake.

Arriving at Changu Lake, we will walk around the lake and enjoy ourselves. After enjoying Changu Lake, we will leave for Baba Mandir.

After visiting Baba Temple we will return to our destination Gangtok. We will come to Gangtok and have our lunch at the hotel. We will spend the whole night in the hotel.

After getting up in the morning and having breakfast, we will go out to the Bajra stand. From the Bajra stand, we will catch our car for North Sikkim. At the beginning of the journey, we will see Butterfly and Seven Sister Waterfall.

After reaching Rang Rang lunch point we had our breakfast. After crossing the Rang Rang check post we will stand a few minutes to discard our plastic bottles. Then we will cross the Toong check post and reach Chungthang.

We will take a tea break for a while at Chungthang. After the tea break, we will leave for Lachung. When we arrive at Lachung we will check-in at the hotel and have dinner. Overnight stay at Lachung.

After breakfast, we will start our journey towards Yumthang Valley. Yumthang Valley is known as the valley of flowers. In summer, various types of flora flowers can be seen here.

After visiting Yumthang valley we will go back to Lachung and have lunch. After lunch, we will drive to Lachen. After reaching Lachen we will take a rest overnight.

Very early morning around 3:00 AM we will start our journey to Gurudongmar lake. This lake is located at an altitude of 17,800 feet above sea level.

We will enjoy the scenic view of Gurudongmar lake & the surrounding areas. We will spend some fantastic moments on Gurudongmar after that we will go back to Lachen for Lunch. After lunch, we will drive towards Gangtok. In the evening we will reach Gangtok and stay at a hotel overnight.

After breakfast, we will drop at NJP Station and end Our trip.

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About the Sikkim Tour Package From Kolkata

Sikkim Tour Package

Our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata starts from the New Jalpaiguri railway station. Our travel agent will meet you when you arrive at New Jalpaiguri station.

First, we will give you some rest for your tea and going to the bathroom. After some rest, we will catch the car and leave for Gangtok. When the car starts moving, we will see the landscape through the car window. As we pass Sevoke Road we see an unprecedented view of the river Teesta.

We will pass the Coronation Bridge and proceed to Kalijhora. Kalijhora has a Maa Kali temple and a small waterfall. We will enjoy Kalijhora’s scenic view through the window. Then we will cross Teesta Bazar and Teesta river dam and proceed towards Gangtok.

We will take a break at Tarkhola for having some food. Then we will reach Rangpo the Border of Sikkim. After crossing the Rangpo & Ranipool we will reach Gangtok.

Arriving in Gangtok we will check in to the hotel. Then we will have lunch and rest for a while.

In the evening we will go out to Mahatma Gandhi Marg. Mahatma Gandhi Marg is an important place of Gangtok. There are a variety of food shops and clothing stores. If you want shopping, you can buy household items from MG Marg.

Then we will go to the hotel for dinner and rest all night.

Changu Lake North Sikkim sightseeing overview

On the second day of the Sikkim tour package from Kolkata, we will get up and go out for Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir. After enjoying the whole day, we will return to the hotel at noon.

The next morning after breakfast we will leave for North Sikkim. Three days and two nights we will rejoice in North Sikkim. During these few days, we will visit the famous places of Sikkim.
On the way to North Sikkim, we will see some waterfalls. Those are Butterfly Waterfall, Bhim Naga Waterfall, Seven Sister Waterfall.

We will also see Yumthang Valley and Gurudongmer Lake. We enjoy the snow-capped mountains on our journey. Our whole journey will flow with joy.

At the end of our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata, we will drop at New Jalpaiguri station.

Sikkim Holiday Package From Kolkata Includes

  • We are staying in Gangtok for 3 nights in this tour package.
  • 1 Night Stay at Lachung.
  • 1 Night Stay at Lachen.
  • We provide Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in our Sikkim tour package.
  • We will provide you Lachung, Lachen, Changu & Baba Mandir Sightseeing.
  • For Personal trips, we will provide you Pickup from NJP/Siliguri/Bagdogra.
  •  Gangtok to NJP/Siliguri Drop.

Sikkim is a very popular tourist destination in India tour packages. People love to come to Sikkim for the summer Holidays. Summer is a good season to visit in Sikkim.
In the summertime, you can try Sikkim packages to visit the Sikkim popular destinations.

All the main tourist spots are opened during this period. That is why maximum tourists come to Sikkim in the summer. In the summer season, our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata is a very good package for you.

Monsoon season is not good for travel to Sikkim. In this time land sliding and road blocking is a common issue.

After Monsoon during Durga Puja is a good time to visit Sikkim. At this time you can enjoy the greenery of Sikkim.

Winter is also the best season for Sikkim for snowfall. But this time some areas are closed due to heavy snowfall. But the Sikkim snowfall is outstanding and you worth all your money.

Thetourplans explain everything about the best time to visit Sikkim. Make your decision and choose your taste-wise timing.

Sikkim tour cost depends all totally is your own plans. Choose your trip start point and your choice of able destinations. Different destinations have different costs.

If we calculate the cost for 5 Night 6 Days Sikkim holiday from Bagdogra airport the then the cost of around 15-20K/head. On this trip, you can add Darjeeling Gangtok. You can add Nathu La pass to your trip plan.

Nathula is open Wednesday through Sunday, with Monday and Tuesday off.

The permit must be obtained locally. Your local travel agent or tour partner might be able to arrange the Nathula visit permit, or you can inquire at your hotel. You must apply for a permit at least 24 hours ahead of time.

The permit costs 200/- per user, but this varies depending on where you get it arranged from. Since it is a unique permit, agents are free to charge whatever they want.

Sikkim is well connected with India’s major cities. Sikkim’s nearest airport is Pakyong. Due to less fight availability, you can avoid Pakyong airport. Bagdogra is also Sikkim’s nearest airport. Bagdogra is a good choice for reach Sikkim.

Sikkim’s nearest Railway Station is New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri. New Jalpaiguri Railway station is well connected with India’s major cities. If you want to reach Sikkim then Indian Railway is a good option for you.

From New Jalpaiguri station you will get lots of Taxi & Shared car to reach Sikkim. If you hire a personal car it will cost you around Rs.2500- Rs.3000.

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Sikkim Travel Package From Kolkata Price List

Thetourplans Useful Travel Guide

Learn about some details about the Sikkim tour package destination which we will cover in our trip.

We are covering Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir in One day. And Also covering North Sikkim Sikkim in 3 days. Let’s Know about the spots.

Tsomgo Lake in East Sikkim is the most visited lake. The gorgeous Tsomgo Lake, located 35 kilometers from Gangtok. Located at an elevation of 12,000 feet. From early winter until late spring, the lake covered in snow due to its location.

The location is a steep and harsh mountain. Tsomgo is a holy lake by the people of Sikkim. The lake is associated with many legends and stories. The lake site offers a variety of food stalls.

The area providing food and beverages, as well as rides on decorated yaks and mules. Snow boots and gumboots are available for rent. The lake is also an excellent setting for a holiday shot.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple located between Nathula and Jelepla passes. The elevation of 13,123 feet and roughly 52 kilometers from Gangtok. Every soldier in the hostile high-altitude terrain of the Eastern Himalayas. Baba’s mythology dates back 35 years.

The disappearance of Sepoy Harbhajan Singh of the 23rd Punjab Regiment. The army took three days to find his body after launching a manhunt. He thought to have led the men to the location. The soldiers built a Samadhi in his honor.

The locals still think that Baba’s spirit protects the soldiers stationed here.

The Sikkim Nathula Pass is a wonderful location for anyone. Looking to escape the monotony of city life and be in a calm and calm environment. This pass, with its rocky beauty, attracts a huge number of tourists each year.
It is one of the most important passes on the India-China border. A journey to the famous Nathula Pass should be your priority.

Nathula Pass, which connects Sikkim and China via the Old Silk Route. The border closed when the People’s of China suppressed a Tibetan uprising in 1959.

The route was reopened in 2003. A visit to China by India’s former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Since its reopening in 2006. The Nathu la Pass has served as an official Border Personnel Meeting.

Yumthang Valley, also known as the Sikkim Valley of Flowers. It is a nature sanctuary in North Sikkim. It containing a river, hot springs, and grazing pasture surrounded by Himalayan mountains.

It is 150 kilometers from the state capital Gangtok. Yumthang Valley, located at an elevation of 3,564 meters (11,693 feet) above mean sea level.

The Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary is on North Sikkim’s Yumthang valley. The sanctuary is on the east by the Chuba-Sagochen mountain ranges.

The sanctuary, which spans 43 square kilometers. It is home to a variety of rhododendron species. Located at an elevation of 3048 to 4575 meters. The Yumthang Chhu meanders through the sanctuary, providing a beautiful view.

The greatest time to visit the sanctuary is between April and July. This time the rhododendrons are in full bloom and the sanctuary. Sigbha Rhododendron Sanctuary sightseeing is included in our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata.

The area has a lot of natural vegetation cover and many different kinds of plants and trees. The Rhododendron shrubs and trees, which are abundant here, are the place’s main appeal.

During the spring season, the park adorned with 40 different types of Rhododendrons. The view gives it a vibrant appearance. There are also other trees. Such as Potentillas, Saxifrages, Primulas, Aconites, Poppies, Gentians, and others.

Gurudongmar Lake, one of Sikkim’s most beautiful and pristine lakes. The lake is near the Tibetan and Chinese borders in the north. The cold alpine lake, nestled among the mountains at 5,183 meters. It is one of Teesta’s principal sources.

The lake has named after the illustrious yogi Padmasambhava. Who said to have passed through this area on his tour to Tibet. The destination is included in our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata.

Zero Point is a popular tourist destination in Sikkim. The sight of yaks grazing in the snow is outstanding. The natural beauty of the area will leave you speechless.

In Sikkim, Zero Point is the answer to your childhood desire of playing in the snow in a magical setting. Throughout the year, this covered in snow. In the form of all those rivers and snow-capped mountains. Zero Point in Sikkim is the perfect place to immerse oneself in a cold and exciting experience.

The destination is not included in our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata. Rs.300/ head needs to provide to the car driver to visit this place.

Mt Katao, often known as Katao. It is a Sikkim offbeat destination. Katao is being a haven for adventure sports enthusiasts.

Katao’s mountainous topography makes it an ideal location for adventure. Katao is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sikkim.

Located on Donkila Hill at an altitude of 13500 feet. Katao is a panoramic vista of the snow-capped Himalayan range. Katao is known as the Switzerland of India because of its captivating beauty. Katao is not included in our Sikkim tour package from Kolkata. Rs.300/ head needs to provide to the car driver to visit this place.

Which things are required to visit in Sikkim 2021?

  • Tourists are advised to book only health and safety compliant accommodation units and use health and safety compliant tour operators and service providers for transportation and other facilities, even though it is not required when applying for a Travel Card.
  • Tourists visiting Sikkim must fill out the required information on the forms found under the Tourists tab on the Tourism Portal After completing all sections and entering pertinent information, a travel card can be downloaded. At the entry point in Rangpo/Melli, the Travel Card must be presented. During the tourist’s stay in Sikkim, the Travel Card must be updated on a daily basis by the tourist, the hotel, the tour operator, or the TIC.
  • Tourists must carry their Travel Card with them at all times, and they may be asked to produce it for verification and inspection by specially assigned Enforcement officers.
  • If the conditions for social distancing, mask-wearing, non-updating of travel cards, or using facilities from non-compliant accommodation units, tour operators, or service providers are not followed, tourists may be fined by the Enforcement Officers.
  • Tourists are advised to bring an RT-PCR / TrueNat Negative Test Certificate. 


Tour Price & Duration

₹ 10,000 / Head

Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days

₹ 10,000 / Head

Duration: 5 Nights 6 Days

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