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Where do you go on weekend tours from Kolkata?

There are many types of weekend tours from Kolkata. The tours can be completed in 2 days. There are different kinds of preferences: someone who likes the mountains and someone who likes the sea. Some people like the jungle, and some people like rivers. On weekend holidays, you will find all these types of environments near Kolkata. In a detailed description, we describe different places according to people’s preferences. Check the details below:

Digha is preferred for those who love sea beaches

Digha has located just 160 km from Kolkata. Digha is a very popular tourist destination in West Bengal. From Kolkata, there are many options to go to Digha. If you like trains, then you can get a train from Howrah Station to Digha. The trains are the Kandari Express, Tamralipta Express, Paharia Express, and Digha SUP AC Express. The local train is also available to reach Digha from Kolkata. The bus route is also well connected with Digha. You can get any bus from Kolkata to Digha. You can easily get SBSTC, CTC, and local Digha buses from the Esplanade bus stand.

Bankura & Bishnupur prefer for jungle lover

Kolkata to Bishupur distance around 140 km. Bus & Train are available to reach Bishnupur. In Bishnupur there are many travel attractions specially Joypur forest. Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta architecture and Baluchori saree.

Bishnupur to Bankura distance around 50km. After completing the Bishpur spots you can go for Bankura. There are also many famous places like Mukutmanipur, Susunia Hills. All the sightseeing you can complete in one day. And the next day you can reach Kolkata by train or bus from Bankura.

Purulia prefers Hill lover

Purulia now becoming a popular weekend destination at this time. Many people love weekend trips on Ajoydha Hills and Baranti. Purulia is well connected to Kolkata by train or bus you can easily travel to Purulia. In Ajoydha Hills there are a few sightseeing points are Mayur Pahar, Marbel Lake, Bamni Falls, Upper Dam & Lower Dam. The place is perfect for 2 days short weekend holidays. And the other way is Baranti & Biharinath those are also Purulia’s popular places. Baranti only has Madhuri Lake to visit. Bikers are preferred to visit Baranti as an adventure because it’s a combination of forest and Hills. So if you are a biker then you can do a Baranti short trip on weekend.

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