Best places for a perfect enjoyable weekend trip from Kolkata

There are plenty of interesting places to explore on a weekend trip from Kolkata. If you need to enjoy the thrill of the forests, comfort of the beaches then take a weekend trip from Thetourplans. We have all kinds of available weekend tours from kolkata. Enjoy your weekend holidays with us. Please check our weekend tour plans from Kolkata.
Bishnupur week tour
weekend tour from Kolkata Sundarbans

Sundarbans an adventure thrilling weekend getaway from Kolkata

The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located at the 24 Parganas district. The distance of Sundarbans from Kolkata is around 110 km. Sundarbans is a very popular weekend trip for Bengali. Sundarban is very famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger and Hilsa Festival. If you are looking for something thrilling then Sundarbans weekend trip is best for you.

Mousuni Island a Gangetic splendid weekend tour from Kolkata

Mousuni Island is located at the 24 Parganas district. Now this island is famous day by day for its beauty. It is around 160 Km from Kolkata. The island is located at the confluence of the river and the sea. Mousuni Island offers sea beaches, bird watching, watching the stars, and an exciting camp stay. For refreshment this weekend trip is best for you.

Mousuni Island
weekend trip from kolkata bishnupur

Bishnupur the Historic heritage of West bengal

Bishnupur is a town in West Bengal’s Bankura district. Kolkata to Bishnupur distance around 132 Km. Bishnupur is famous for terracotta temples and Baluchari sarees. The history of Bishnupur can be traced back to AD 694 when King Raghunath established the dynasty of Malla. The name comes from the name of the Hindu God Vishnu. Explore the Historical weekend tour from kolkata with best deals.